Delivering Consistent Brand Color – Anywhere, on Any Substrate


As experts in color management, Sun Chemical offers services to maintain process and spot color consistency globally. By increasing color management efficiency, waste reduction occurs through the printing lifecycle.

Sun Global Color Platform

Managing your colors is faster and better with Sun Chemical because we can provide global support to help brand owners and printers alike produce the same color consistently anywhere in the world. We provide digital color communication to deliver color consistency and an ink formula at an optimized cost to any location you choose.

Download:Transforming the Packaging Industry with Color Management
Courtesy of Flexo Magazine November 2013


PantoneLIVEWe are the preferred partner for ink supply and a key contributor to the PantoneLIVE technology, a cloud-based color management solution from X-Rite/Pantone that enables brand owners to accurately communicate colors across a packaging supply chain.

PantoneLIVE enables the universal PANTONE color language to be accurately communicated across the entire packaging workflow ­from design concept to retail store shelves.

The PantoneLIVE ecosystem is supported by licensed hardware and software that enable each area of a packaging supply chain to access the same PantoneLIVE colors, in addition to brand-specific palettes. This results in consistent and repeatable color across product families, regardless of media or print technology, providing a cohesive brand approach.

Since PantoneLIVE’s color definitions are derived from real ink on real substrates with real printing processes, brand owners can control from their design concept how their color palette will reproduce on a wide variety of substrates, from brown corrugated to clear film or white.

PantoneLIVE for Converters

PantoneLIVE brings additional value to printers and converters by bringing higher efficiencies into their business by delivering products that meet customer expectations and color quality control standards.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Chesapeake, a global producer of pharmaceutical and consumer packaging, says about the benefits of PantoneLIVE to the converter.

Sun Chemical is the first to be fully PantoneLIVE accredited and enabled via our Sun Global Platform and preferred partnership with X-Rite/Pantone, and we are supporting printers and converters via the PantoneLIVE toolkit.

The PantoneLIVE toolkit is a set of hardware/software and services that Sun Chemical sells to printers and converters to take full advantage of PantoneLIVE.


Download: FLEXO Magazine – June 2015, “An Ink Maker’s Perspective – Color Management”

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