Press Room Innovation

Sun Chemical innovative inks, coatings and fountain solutions for the press room are designed to improve quality, reduce downtime and decrease waste. Here are some examples of how innovations achieved favorable results with customers:

High-Speed Printing

With press speeds increasing and customers demanding high quality, Sun Chemical is a partner that can provide the expertise to optimize press performance, while delivering outstanding results.

Sun Chemical’s SunSpectro® Sunsharp® inks are designed for consistent high-speed printing with no print defects to help improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Download your copy of Ink Developments for High-Speed Printing.

Universal Printing

Suitable for both surface and reverse print applications on a number of the commonly used flexible packaging substrates, our SunUno Solimax multipurpose ink system will maximize print run efficiency while simplifying overall print production.

SunUno is the latest generation of inks providing a single platform that can cover multiple ink processes. It is suitable for both flexographic and rotogravure print processes and provides the shelf stand-out and high-quality packaging needed for today’s competitive industry.

Virtual Inplant

With Virtual Inplant, Sun Chemical has created a way for printers to consistently monitor their fountain solutions to tight specifications to cut down on variables, complications and waste. Real-time digital reports can be printed to monitor pH balance, temperature, flow rate and conductivity. To learn more watch the Virtual Implant video.

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