RJA Dispersions EB / PM Acetate

D1200 series are dispersions in a blend of EB Acetate:PM Aetate, 1:1, resin free, for solvent-based inks and coatings. These dispersions are usually at 30% pigment loading except for the white which contains 50% white by weight. The approved dispersion is listed below with brief description, typical viscosity(cps at 25 C), and typical mean particle size (nM). These values are typical but should not be considered as specifications. If you see a pigment in one series and need it qualified in another, feel free to contact us.

D1200 Series in EB Acetate:PM Acetate 1:1

  • Product
    Brief Description
    Typical Viscosity (cps, 25 C)
    Typical Mean Particle Size (nM)
  • D1210-Y150
    30% PY150 in the solvent blend

Other dispersions are available upon request.