RJA Dispersions WB Polymeric

D2010 series are dispersions for water-based inks, textiles, and coatings. These dispersions are usually at 25% pigment loading except for the white which contains 50% white by weight. The approved dispersions are listed below with brief descriptions, typical viscosities (cps at 25C), and typical mean particle size (nM) measured by dynamic light scattering (dls). These values are typical but should not be considered as specifications. The dispersions have passed 5 freeze-thaw cycles and have been qualified in our test vehicle and are considered to be stable but stability can be affected by pH, glycol contents, and additives in a vehicle. If our dispersions are not stable in your vehicle, feel free to contact us to develop dispersions to be compatible with your vehicle.

The D2010 series uses a polymeric dispersant. The D2050 series uses surfactant-type dispersants and can result in inks with lower viscosities.

These dispersions are under development. They will be announced when all have been completed and qualified.

The dispersions that are being developed with a polymeric dispersant are K7, B15:3, Y83, R254(T), O43, O64, R208, R202, V19(RS), Y150, Y151, V23, B60, a brown, a R122, and a W6.