Abrafati 2019 October 1-3, 2019 / Sau Paulo, Brazil / Aisle D, Stand 2

October 1 – 3, 2019 | Sau Paulo, Brazil | Aisle D, Stand 2

Sun Chemical Uses ABRAFATI 2019 as Venue to Showcase Groundbreaking Pigment and Resin Technology


Sun Chemical Performance Pigments Showcases Expanded Color Range

Sun Chemical can help you use a diverse palette to reach your unique world. Visitors of Sun Chemical’s booth, located in Aisle D, Stand 2, will be introduced to Sun Chemical’s advancements in high performance pigment chemistries and expanded range of unique color options, including:

  • Perrindo® Maroon 179

  • Quindo® Red 122

  • Indofast Violet 23

  • Palomar Blue 15

  • Sunbrite Yellow 74

Sun Chemical Debuts Groundbreaking Advancement for Powder Coatings

Sun Chemical’s new Benda Lutz® COMPAL PC aluminum preparations for powder coatings will be on display at the booth. Developed for dry blending and bonding to deliver excellent appearance and performance, the groundbreaking technology’s pelletized form virtually eliminates dusting to minimize housekeeping, simplifies equipment clean-up and improves worker exposure.
The pellet form is not classified as hazardous for shipping and storage in the European Union, United States, China and other regions. It is also not classified as hazardous by the International Air Transportation Association and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. It is shipped in compact bag-in-box packaging that is eco-friendly and recyclable.
Sun Chemical’s Vitor Brito, an account manager at Sun Chemical Performance Pigments, will deliver a presentation at ABRAFATI about COMPAL PC entitled “Versatile Pelletized Aluminum for Powder Coatings” in the “Pigment Auditorium” on October 2nd from 10:45 a.m. to 11:25 p.m.

Sun Chemical’s Latest in Metallic and Pearlescent Pigments to be Displayed

Sun Chemical will also highlight its wide selection of metallic and pearlescent pigments during the show, including its:

  • Benda-Lutz® COMPAL WS

  • SunMICA Deep Black Pearlescent

  • Benda-Lutz® SPLENDAL

  • Benda-Lutz® MAXAL EC

Sun Chemical to Highlight Polymer Solutions at Booth

Sun Chemical will also feature a wide range of polymer solutions for the coatings market, including:

  • WATERSOL AC-7505


  • BURNOCK® AC 2530


To learn more about Sun Chemical’s wide range of pigment and advanced materials technology that will be on display during the Abrafati 2019 in Sau Paulo, Brazil on October 1-3, 2019. Visit Sun Chemical’s booth located in Aisle D, Stand 2.

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