• Fanchon pigments for demanding nonwoven applications

    Fanchon® for Nonwoven

    Fanchon® - Fanchon series are high performance yellow and orange pigments for use in even the most demanding applications.

  • Fastogen Super for nonwoven material

    Fastogen® Super for Nonwoven

    Fastogen® Super– DIC brand high performance reds, violets and magentas for nonwoven applications

  • Sun Chemical Colorants for NonwovenPigment dispersions for nonwoven

    Nonwoven Colorants

    Nonwoven Colorants - Offering  customized color solutions for nonwoven fabrics

  • Palomar for nonwoven applications

    Palomar® for Nonwoven

    Palomar® - High performance indanthrone blue and unique chlorinated phthalocyanine blue and green for nonwoven applications.

  • Perrindo pigment for nonwoven

    Perrindo® for Nonwoven

    Perrindo® - High performance perylene maroon for use in even the most demanding nonwoven applications

  • Quindo® for Nonwoven

    Quindo® - High performance Quinacridone reds, violets and magenta for nonwoven applications