Lamination Inks for Printing on a Wide Variety of Substrates

Increased pressroom productivity is possible with the high-performance solvent- or water-based SunStrato ink series designed for laminated packaging applications on a wide variety of substrates. SunStrato inks perform well at high speeds, offer strong adhesion and bond performance and deliver a wide color range.


Evolution of Flexible Packaging Applications

In the flexible packaging converting industry, the move to water-based inks is becoming more and more a reality.

In most regions of the world, converters are requested to minimize or stop the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the environment, with national or local authorities implementing related regulations and controls in places like China, India, Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Europe, Latin America and North America.

Safety is also a major consideration. In all regions, the use of less flammable products helps reduce fire risk and insurance costs.


Introducing the 2nd Generation of SunStrato AquaLam Water-based Inks for Laminated Structures

Sun Chemical has launched the second generation of SunStrato AquaLam, a water-based ink series for laminated structures with higher bond strength for a more effective packaging, higher resolubility for easier press handling and reduced downtime.

Suitable for the most demanding flexible packaging applications, Sun Chemical’s SunStrato AquaLam Gen 2 ink series brings converters:

  • Excellent adhesion on a range of treated and coated films: OPP/OPP, Acrylic PET/PE, Acrylic PET/Alu/PE
  • Highest bond strength on OPP/OPP and OPP/PE
  • No drop in bond strength on detergent packaging
  • Excellent printability, resolubility
  • Very low foaming
  • Viscosity stability
  • Fast drying
  • Improved wash up
  • Suitable for PET and retort
  • Still blendable with standard colored bases

Sun Chemical has been a pioneer in developing water-based inks for flexible packaging, including the printing on:

  • Films and aluminum foil
  • Single and multi-layer structures
  • The external side or on the reverse side before lamination
  • Colors, as well as backing whites.

Sun Chemical’s portfolio is rich of eight specific technologies that cover simple polyethylene films for carrier bags to the most advanced films for laminated structures. Bio-sourced versions are now included in this wide technology range to reduce the dependence on oil-based products.



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