• Sun Chemical Pigments for Agricultural Colorants

    Agricultural Colorants

    Sun Chemical Agricultural Colorants – a full line of agricultural colorants for seed treatment and crop protection applications.

  • Aquadisperse for Architectural Coatings

    Aquadisperse for Architectural

    Aquadisperse  Waterbased preparations for paint and coatings applications.

  • Sun Chemical colorants for Arts & Crafts applications

    Arts & Crafts Colorants

    Vibrant and concentrated colorants specifically designed for your arts & crafts coloration needs.

  • Sun Chemical Pigments for Fertilizer Colorants

    Fertilizer Colorants

    Sun Chemical Fertilizer Colorants – a wide range of colorants for surface and fertilization applications.

  • Flexiverse dispersions for packaging ink applications

    Flexiverse® for Packaging

    Resinated dispersions for water based Ink applications.

  • Flexiverse dispersions for publication ink applications

    Flexiverse® for Publication

    Resinated dispersions for water based Ink applications.

  • Flexiverse HC for packaging applications

    Flexiverse® HC for Packaging

    Resinated dispersions for waterbased flexo inks

    Flexiverse® HC is a range of aqueous pigment dispersions stabilized with styrene-acrylic resin supported by small amounts of surfactants. The well balanced APE free formulation is especially designed to meet the high demands from the flexographic printing industry ensuring high color strength and improved shock resistance. Besides printing inks, …

  • Flexiverse HC for publication applications

    Flexiverse® HC for Publication

    Resinated dispersions for water based flexo inks.

  • Flexiverse III dispersions for packaging inks applications.

    Flexiverse® III for Packaging

    Flexiverse® III- Resinated dispersions for water based Ink applications.

  • Flexiverse for publications

    Flexiverse® III for Publication

    Resinated dispersions for water based Ink applications.

  • Jetsperse AQ for inkjet applications

    Jetsperse® AQ for Inkjet

    Jetsperse® AQ – High color strength dispersions set for aqueous inkjet ink applications, featuring a self-dispersing pigment black and polymer stabilized cyan, magenta & yellow.

  • Jetsperse dispersions for inkjet applications

    Jetsperse® DS for Inkjet

    Jetsperse® DS – Ready to go, dispersion solution for Dye Sublimation inkjet ink formulators looking to improve their cost position or speed to market by eliminating the need to grind dyes

  • Sun Chemical Colorants for Mulch Applications

    Mulch Colorants

    Sun Chemical Mulch Colorant - Broaden your mulch coloration options with our vibrant range of mulch colorants.

  • Sun Chemical Colorants for NonwovenPigment dispersions for nonwoven

    Nonwoven Colorants

    Nonwoven Colorants - Offering  customized color solutions for nonwoven fabrics

  • Sun Chemical Dispersions for Paper Coloration

    Paper Colorants

    Sun Chemical offers a broadly compatible line of dispersions for paper coloration applications.

  • Yellow Pigment for digital inkjet

    Polytone® for Toner

    Polytone®– Pigments suitable to the standards required for use in digital applications are flushed into a resin of choice by Sun’s conventional toner partners.