Metal-Decorating Inks for Two-Piece Cans

Sun Chemical’s SunDuo inks for two-piece cans optimize metal can print production with good press performance and a high pigment load. The inks are suitable for the printing of non-varnish and overvarnish steel and aluminum beverage cans.

With excellent printability at high speeds, the SunDuo ink series provides good mileage and a trouble-free process for customers producing two-piece metal cans.

Designed for the metal packaging market, we’ve developed a range of specialized solutions for metal decoration that allow packaging to be both functional and appealing, ensuring the packaging does not go unnoticed on the shelf.

Focused on sustainability, we’re constantly working to promote sustainable solutions that contribute to a circular economy. Our Guide to Sustainable Metal Packaging will show how we’re aligning our sustainability goals in metal packaging with those of the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Another solution that further enhances metal decorating is SunDigiProof, one of the tools in the SunColorBox toolkit, a solution that accelerates the color approval process by simulating the metal decorating final product on a clear transfer film that can be laminated to a beverage can and removes the need to produce a costly manual wet proof.


Sustainability Report
SunColorBox Guide
Troubleshooting Guide for Metal Packaging
Infographic: Transformation to Sustainable Metal Packaging

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