Metal-Decorating Inks for Three-Piece Cans

Sun Chemical’s SunTrio offers a range of versatile, flexible, cost-effective and highly resilient inks for three-piece metal deco applications, suitable for all types of metal cans and closures, from crowns to pails, aluminium pilfer-proof caps, aerosols, food cans, drawn fish cans and more.

Featuring low misting and good adhesion between layers and to the substrate, the range is available in conventional and UV versions with excellent printability at high speeds. The range also includes migration-compliant inks available for food and other sensitive packaging.

With excellent press performance and Nestlé compliance for all applications, SunTrio enables converters and canmakers to efficiently produce metal packaging.

Focused on sustainability, we’re constantly working to promote sustainable solutions that contribute to a circular economy. Our Guide to Sustainable Metal Packaging will show how we’re aligning our sustainability goals in metal packaging with those of the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Another solution that further enhances metal decorating is SunDigiProof, one of the tools in the SunColorBox toolkit, a solution that accelerates the color approval process by simulating the metal decorating final product on a clear transfer film that can be laminated to a piece of metal substrate and removes the need to produce a costly manual wet proof.



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