SunBeam EB Flexo

Electron Beam Flexo Ink Technologies for Film and Plastic Packaging


The SunBeam EB Flexo family of electron beam-curing inks efficiently meet changing job requirements on a wide variety of film and plastic substrates.

With excellent wet trapping capabilities and compliance to regulatory requirements, the SunBeam EB Flexo ink series provides high-speed electron beam curing for film and plastic packaging applications.

The SunBeam EB Flexo series offers:

  • Excellent trapping capabilities
  • Very high quality graphics
  • High speed printing up to 400 m/m
  • VOC free solution for flexo printing of flexible packaging

Introduction to Wetflex

Wetflex is a revolutionary system for wet trap flexo printing using completely VOC free inks cured by electron beam. Not formulated with BPA-based raw materials, the inks exhibit very low migration and odor, fully meeting the regulatory requirements for food packaging applications.

The wet trapping flexo process enables curing only at the end of the press, but still achieves very high print quality with clean screens and dense smooth solids. Optimized ink management and temperature control on press ensure stable printing through long runs.

Wetflex shows high performance in both lamination and surface print applications even without a protective overcoating and has high product and outdoor resistance.  A range of protective wet trap EB cured coatings are nevertheless available if required for additional resistance.

The Wetflex range also includes high performance EB cured opaque flexo whites in wet trap profiles for reverse print lamination and high slip for sleeve printing.

Electron beam flexo technologies provide sustainability benefits that align our goals with those of the United Nations in its Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our Guide to Sustainable Packaging identifies actions Sun Chemical has taken that we believe will have a positive impact in the development of a more sustainable flexible packaging market.



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