The Inkjet Conference 2018

April 12 – 13, 2018 | Chicago, IL |

Aquacure™ Inks solutions for digitally printed packaging

Presented by: Brian Fauber

During the conference on day 1, 12 April 2018, Brian Fauber, Sales Manager at Sun Chemical’s global digital brand, SunJet, will deliver a presentation on the importance of Aquacure™ Inks solutions for digitally printed packaging and the following areas will be covered:

  • Challenges in the world of digital packaging print (compliance, brand identity, substrate, environmental)
  • Market requirements for ink technology (energy curing, solvent, aqueous)
  • Aqueous inkjet solutions (standard pigmented, functional pigmented inks)
  • System approach (substrate, inkjet ink, primer, overprint varnish/coatings)
  • Printer solution concepts
  • Beyond packaging

With Sun Chemical’s recent development of aqueous hybrid UV inks within the inkjet space, the possibility to extend functional aqueous inkjet inks into packaging, graphics and industrial markets is now reality. Sun Chemical has developed its Aquacure™ technology as a platform that can be customised into multiple-pass and single-pass applications. We will describe some of the challenges faced in optimising the ink properties for the combination of print head performance and end-use functionality. The likely implications to print process design and optimization will be discussed.

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