Sun Chemical Color Materials offers a broad portfolio of pigments tailor made to the specific needs of the coatings, cosmetics, digital, printing ink, plastics and specialties markets.

See below for a small sampling of our broad range of product offerings. Please check back soon as our online product catalogue will be available shortly.



Sun Chemical offers a variety of pigments that maintain high color strength, meet sustainability requirements, and give added durability for a variety of coatings in the architectural, automotive, industrial, and powder coatings sectors.



From bold colors to dazzling effects, Sun Chemical manufactures pigments for cosmetics that meet the highest purity standards and specifications of all global regulations in the market, as required by cosmetic formulators.



Sun Chemical manufactures pigments specifically for the digital market ranging from inkjet inks to toner.

Food & Nutrition

Sun Chemical offers natural and synthetic ingredients for colorants, dietary supplements and nutritional enhancements to the food and beverage, pet food, feed, and dietary supplements segments.


Printing Inks

Sun Chemical produces a variety of pigments that can be used for printing inks in both the packaging and publication sectors.



Sun Chemical offers a wide array of pigments for plastics, ranging from fiber and film to injection molding and rigid packaging.



Sun Chemical pigments can also be tailor-made for a variety of specialty applications, including nonwoven, arts & crafts, building materials and paper coloration.