Inks and Coatings Designed for Low Migration Packaging

Sun Chemical is a market leader in the development and promotion of inks and coatings designed for low migration sensitive packaging applications such as food, pharmaceutical, personal care and tobacco.

What is Low Migration?

The term “low migration” packaging is commonly used to designate materials used in the packaging structure whose chemicals will not migrate, or move, from the packaging into the product.

To qualify as low migration packaging, these materials contained in the packaging structure, including printing inks, coatings and adhesives, must not have any migratory chemicals which would affect the appearance, flavor, odor, taste, or the safety of the product contained within the packaging.

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Click here to view Dr. Greg Pace’s presentation from PACK EXPO entitled “Concept to Consumer Design of Inks and Coatings for Safe and Sustainable Packaging” – part of the Innovation Stage series.

Migration from the printed side through the subtrate onto the unprinted side.
Migration ImagePenetration though the substrate
Migration from the printed side to the unprinted side of another sheet in a stack or roll.
Migration image“Set-Off” transfer onto the reverse side in the stack
Migration due to the evaporation of volatile materials by heating (e.g., cooking, baking, or boiling frozen products in their original packaging).
Migration ImageVapor phase transfer
Migration through steam distilling during cooking, baking or sterilization.
Migration ImageCondensation extraction

Sun Chemical’s Solutions to Low Migration

SunPak Intertech AwardWe continue to invest in R&D, new technology, product stewardship and regulatory compliance with sensitive packaging requirements.  We work hard to take the lead in educating all partners in the supply chain, from the raw material supplier to the graphic designer to the printer converter through to the brand owner and retailer about compliance, the potential pitfalls, their options, as well as opportunities.

Sun Chemical has for many years worked on understanding the factors affecting migration and has developed a complete portfolio of inks and coatings for low migration sensitive packaging to support the packaging chain across a range of print processes and technologies.

Sun Chemical’s official best practice guide to low migration printing was an industry first in providing practical guidance.

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