Brighter Ideas for Metal Packaging

Release your metal packaging from the ordinary with brighter ideas from Sun Chemical.

89290_SUNCHEM_750x250_LT GREEN

Get your customers’ attention quickly and outshine the competition with packaging that bursts with potential. Sun Chemical is a true packaging solutions partner who can innovate and inspire your brand from concept to consumer.

Sun Chemical’s metal packaging division features a wide range of metal decorating inks for two-piece and three-piece cans, tubes, monoblocs and special effects.

Sun Chemical delivers expertise across a number of metal packaging applications for canmakers, converters and brand owners with its unique ability to be a global solutions provider. Some of our capabilities for specialised metal packaging solutions include a comprehensive special effects portfolio, brand protection and brand colour management.

Sun Chemical is committed to the metal packaging industry by delivering quality, service and innovation through its product families: SunDuo, SunTrio and SunAltec.

To learn more about Sun Chemical’s other Brighter Ideas Guides, please download the resources below.


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