DEFENSA OP for Architectural

Outstanding resins for architectural coatings with low refractive indices.

DIC’s DEFENSA OP series features UV-curable resins for cladding and optical coatings which require a low refractive index (1.38 to 1.47) and transparency. DEFENSA OP resins can be adjusted to desired viscosities between 20 and 2000 mPa·s (25°C) without a diluting solvent and without changing its mechanical, thermal or optical characteristics. Additionally, custom grades for specific applications and processing methods are available.

Key attributes & features:

  • Optimized for cladding materials, optical fibers, optical coatings and optical lenses
  • Customizes viscosity without changing chemical properties
  • Outstanding transparency
  • Achieves low refractive indices
  • Available in solventless varieties

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