FINEPLUS for Automotive

A range of additives for high-performance automotive rims.

DIC’s FINEPLUS GMA acrylic resins utilize proprietary chemistry to provide automotive powder coatings with outstanding adhesion to aluminum, corrosion resistance, clarity and dispersion properties. Unlike conventional resins, FINEPLUS GMA acrylic resins are crosslinkers for polyester resins in matte coatings where they serve as gloss-control agents.

Key attributes & features:

  • Optimized for use as primary-film formers in aluminum wheel coatings, full-body clear coats, building products, black trim, brass hardware and metal furniture
  • Exceptional gloss-control properties in automotive trims, architectural metals and high-quality furniture
  • Usable as additives to improve leveling and flow as well as chemical and stain resistance in polyurethane, polyester hybrid and polyester TGIC powder coatings

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