Adhesives for Lamination of Plastic Film, Foil and Paper

The SunLam family of solvent free and solvent-based lamination adhesives are designed to meet the needs of all the major flexible packaging applications globally from general performance (snack and confectionary) up to high-end applications (human and PET food retort).

Globally available in all Sun Chemical territories, the portfolio of SunLam adhesives provides flexible packaging solutions that can replace incumbent adhesives, improving some aspects such us higher productivity and flexibility, ease in usage, operator and consumer safety, as well as compliance with most stringent regulations.

A variety of SunLam adhesives are available, including:

  • Solvent-based for flexible packaging
  • Solvent-free for flexible packaging
  • Water-based for flexible packaging
  • Ultra-low monomer (full range of solvent-based and solvent-free)

The SunLam portfolio includes proprietary technologies that contribute to increased sustainability for the flexible packaging market by reducing, recycling or composting. Examples that accomplish one or more of these objectives include:

  • Paslim range of oxygen barrier (OTR enhancement) adhesives
  • Industrial compostable solvent-free and water-based systems
  • Home compostable solvent-free adhesive

Learn how Sun Chemical is constantly working to promote sustainable solutions that contribute to a circular economy. SunLam is a key product in our portfolio and an important product highlighted in our Guide to Sustainable Packaging which shows how we’re aligning our sustainability goals with those of the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The SunLam lamination adhesives portfolio is a complementary range to Sun Chemical’s SunStrato family of lamination inks which aims to be a “packaging solution provider” for flexible packaging by promoting a full range of other complementary functional coatings, including:

  • cold seal
  • heat seal
  • primer
  • OPV
  • barrier

All lamination packaging converters benefit from Sun Chemical’s team of local technical experts backed by Sun Chemical’s worldwide research and development team. Learn more about our expanded polymer and adhesive offerings with our recent acquisition of SAPICI.





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