Sheetfed Offset Inks for UV LED Printing

SunWave™ is a family of UV LED products for lithographic offset printers designed for commercial as well as sensitive packaging, low odor, and migration compliance. These high-performance offset inks for commercial and packaging printing are suitable for use on all sheetfed press types and offer class-leading lithographic performance.

Delivering fast make-ready, highly stable printing with minimal wash-ups and excellent duct flow, SunWave results in increased uptime for presses and increased productivity for printers.

SunWave products for commercial printing are based on the latest highly engineered UV resin system and provide exceptionally fast and hard curing under UV LED and low energy mercury lamps for both single-and double-sided printing with or without a protective coating.

SunWave products for packaging printing are designed to achieve compliant levels of migration when cured under UV LED even at the highest press speeds, meeting the same productivity levels as normal UV inks for food packaging.

SunWave products are fully compliant with the latest EuPIA raw materials guidelines.

SunWave offset inks for UV LED printing bring considerable sustainability benefits to printers and are an important product in our portfolio highlighted in our Guide to Sustainable Packaging. Sun Chemical is aligning its goals with those of the United Nations in its Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We’re taking the necessary steps to commit to developing sustainable manufacturing processes and introducing new eco-friendly solutions to the markets we serve.

To learn more about our SunWave product line, listen to Flexible Packaging Magazine’s interview with Sun Chemical’s Derrick Hemmings.



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