Technologies for Digital Textiles

Water-Based Inks for Digital Textile Applications

Sun Chemical offers a wide portfolio of water-based digital inks for the textiles market on any fabric. Our globally recognized ElvaJet and Xennia brands, for example, set the standard for quality and performance. The capability in aqueous inks combined with a commitment to providing sustainable solutions to our partners, sets a platform for the future of the inkjet business.


Water-Based Inkjet Inks for Textiles

Reactive Inks

  • Xennia Ametrine – a high-quality, consistent ink that is specially formulated to enable faster and more efficient production for volume customers.
  • Xennia Amethyst – available for Kyocera and Ricoh printheads, Xennia Amethyst is established as a market leading solution for printing cotton, viscose and other natural fibers with outstanding print performance, durability and color performance

Sublimation Inks

  • ElvaJet Swift achieve incredible transfer prints with low weight paper
  • ElvaJet Opal SB is a revolution in sublimation transfer inks for Epson heads offering unrivalled performance across all paper types, superior color, high release and outstanding image detail
  • Elvajet Opal SC – an industrial sublimation transfer ink for Kyocera heads with superior release from coated and uncoated lightweight papers
  • ElvaJet SR inks are optimized for printing with Ricoh Gen 4 and Gen 5 printheads for transfer and direct applications such as backlit display with outstanding color and application performance
  • ElvaJet Coral – pioneering technology for printing direct to polyester with a no water post treatment offering a reduction in waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Pigment Inks

  • Xennia Pearl – achieve the vibrant, pearlescent color, image sharpness and application fastness in a wide range of fabric types including polyester and cotton-polyester
  • Xennia Emerald is a high color strength pigment ink suitable for Epson and Kyocera prrintheads and offers superior print and fastness performance

Acid Dye Inks

  • Xennia Agate – acid ink for Kyocera heads offering excellent color, print detail and long run performance when printing polyamide, nylon and silk

Water-Based Edible Inks 

A range of edible inks for printing direct to baked goods, icing sheets, confectionary and other food items.  Available for a range of printheads with synthetic and natural colors.



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