Productronica 2015

Nov 10, 2015 – Nov 13, 2015


Visit Sun Chemical at Booth #481 in Hall B1 during productronica 2015, from November 10 to 13

Come by our booth to learn about our portfolio of solutions for printed circuit boards and printed electronics.

Sun Chemical will highlight:

High Performance Solder Mask
Sun Chemical’s Imagecure solder mask range can be applied either by screen printing, curtain coating, air or electrostatic spray, and is available in a full range of colors and finishes from gloss to x-matt. Imagecure solder mask is UL listed, meets all industry specifications, and is compliant with RoHS, WEEE and REACH regulations.

Key benefits for Imagecure Solder Mask include:

  • Approval by many global OEMs
  • Halogen free varieties
  • White versions for LED applications

We will also showcase our latest version of Imagecure for use with Direct Image (DI) equipment. Imagecure DI follows the same processing steps as other Imagecure products, but with the added benefits of being able to expose at ≤120mJ on most direct image machines. Imagecure DI delivers the same color density as conventional solder mask, but is capable of producing features down to 30µ. This makes it ideal for HDI applications, including the growing small tablet and smartphone market.

Imagecure LPISM Solder Mask

Etch and Plating Resists
Our portfolio of etch and plating resists for printed circuit boards can be used with either acid or alkaline etch chemistry and is available in thermal- or UV-curable varieties. Additionally, Sun Chemical’s etch and plating resists are available in Liquid Photoimageable (LPI) versions and can be applied by screen, roller coat, spray or curtain coating. At Productronica 2015, we will be introducing our latest version of XZ93 Peelable Mask which has been developed for use in high temperature soldering applications.

Etch and Plating Resists

High Definition Notation Inks for Printed Circuits
Our portfolio of UV and thermal curing screen notation inks for printed circuits features various colors, including white, yellow and black. Our Imagecure range also includes red and blue colors.

They all offer excellent adhesion on a wide range of substrates/surfaces. Additionally, Sun Chemical’s notation inks are compliant with RoHS and WEEE directives.

Notation Inks

Printable Solutions for Switches and Sensors
SunTronic™ solutions for switches and sensors offer superior process and performance by incorporating formulations for various printing options, including screen, offset and inkjet. The SunTronic™ family of inks and materials contains various solutions for switch and sensor designs, including membrane, touch and back lit switches as well as sensors for industrial and medical applications.

SunTronic™ Solutions for Switches and Sensors

Highly Conductive Electronic Packaging
SunTronic™ silver- and graphite-based inks for electronic packaging feature a range of conductivities and are available in screen, flexographic and inkjet printable varieties. Sun Chemical’s range of solutions for electronic packaging are compatible with a variety of substrates, deliver excellent print resolution and are optimized for RFID, smart packaging, smart labels, sensors, touch panels and many more printed electronics.

SunTronic™ Solutions for Electronic Packaging

Extremely Flexible In-Mold Electronics
Our in-mold portfolio ensures the development of molded plastic smart surfaces with specially formulated “thermo-flex” inks to replace wires in thousands of products, including cars, household appliances and airplanes. Sun Chemical’s patented “Smart Plastics” process can create thin, lightweight and flexible circuits and switches to greatly enhance a product’s functionality at a significantly reduced cost, size and weight.

In-Mold Electronics

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