Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials: PolymersPlastics

Sun Chemical, together with its parent company, DIC Group, deliver a portfolio of products for coating resins, epoxy resins, specialty resins and additives. These technologies serve markets ranging from automotive coatings, electronics, architectural and industrial coatings, aerospace and textile applications.

Our global offering with DIC covers a wide variety of solutions to meet complex industry requirements.  Our unique portfolio is defined by segment:

  • GLOBINEX for Plastics

    DIC's GLOBINEX® non-phthalate polyester plasticizers give plastics outstanding flexibility, non-migration properties and oil resistance at high temperatures.

  • HYDRAN for Plastics

    DIC's HYDRAN polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) imbue plastic films with outstanding light and abrasion resistance as well as flexibility.

  • MONOCIZER for Plastics

    DIC's MONOCIZER® plasticizers are dialkyl adipate-type plasticizers which give plastics exceptionally efficient flexibility.

  • PTBP for Plastics

    DIC’s PTBP (4-tert-Butylphenol) is optimized for the production of phenolic resins and as a molecular weight modifier in polycarbonate resin production.

  • TBC for Plastics

    DIC’s TBC (4-tert-Butylcatechol) is a polymerization inhibitor and stabilizer for unsaturated monomers, such as styrene and butadiene.