Advanced Materials:

  • DEFENSA TR for Architectural

    DIC's DEFENSA TR solventborne stain-guard coatings are UV-curable additives for architectural applications which combine excellent stain and abrasion resistance.

  • DEFENSA TR for Automotive

    DIC’s DEFENSA TR solventborne coatings are automotive interior coatings which feature excellent stain and abrasion resistance on a variety of substrates.

  • DEFENSA TR for Electronics

    DIC’s DEFENSA TR solventborne fluorinated surface coatings give rubber in electrical components both excellent durability as well as adhesiveness.

  • DEFENSA TR for Textiles

    DIC's DEFENSA TR solventborne fluorinated surface coatings give artificial leather excellent stain-guard properties and adhesion to various materials.

  • Deuton-M Magnetic Tape for Plastic and ID Cards

    DEUTON-M for Plastic & ID Cards

    DIC's DEUTON-M magnetic tapes are specialized for producing plastic cards with high durability and security.

  • DIC.PPS for Automotive

    DIC’s polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is specialized for producing automotive components, including cooling systems, fuel systems, and drive systems.

  • DIC.PPS For Electronics

    Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) from the DIC Corporation is optimized for producing components in household electronics.

  • EB-Curable Decorative Paper Coatings for Building Materials

    Sun Chemical delivers a portfolio of e-beam curable coatings for decorative paper that deliver superior durability as well as tape release or tape adhesion properties.

  • EPICLON® for Aerospace

    DIC’s EPICLON® epoxy resins provide high-performance composites with unmatched heat resistance, water resistance, toughness and adhesion.

  • EPICLON® for Architectural

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins and hardeners imbue architectural coatings with best-in-class anti-corrosion properties and workability.

  • EPICLON® For Automotive

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins provide coatings on automotive metals with exceptional corrosion resistance.

  • EPICLON® For Electronics

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins and hardeners for insulation in electronics exhibit anti-corrosion properties and high bonding strength.

  • EPICLON® for Ink

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins and hardeners for ink formulations exhibit outstanding durability and chemical resistance.

  • EPICLON® for Plastics

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins and hardeners are optimized for use in fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) molding where they ensure fast curability and flame resistance.

  • EPICLON® for Printed Circuit Boards

    DIC's EPICLON® epoxy resins for heat-resistant semiconductor packaging assembly.

  • Etch & Plating Resists

    A range of products that continually adapts to meet changing demands in the world of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production.