Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

  • MONOCIZER for Architectural

    DIC's MONOCIZER® plasticizers are dialkyl adipate-type plasticizers used in architectural films.

  • MONOCIZER for Plastics

    DIC's MONOCIZER® plasticizers are dialkyl adipate-type plasticizers which give plastics exceptionally efficient flexibility.

  • Multi-Purpose Urethane Resins for Architectural

    DIC's multi-purpose urethane resins give architectural coatings exceptional durability, non-yellowing, drying, adhesion and fast drying properties.

  • Notation Ink

    Enhance your printed circuits with a wide range of notation inks available in a variety of colors.

  • OneCure for Building Materials

    UV-curable OneCure field-applied floor coatings for concrete, ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, vinyl composition tile (VCT), luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl and wood.

  • Optical Media Disc Coatings and Hardcoats for Electrical/Electronics

    Sun Chemical’s range of coatings and hardcoats for optical media discs deliver durability, beauty and flexibility.

  • PerSona

    Digital Inkjet Inks for the Personalization Printing Market

    The PerSona product range has been especially designed by SunJet to offer solutions to the mailing, addressing, personalization and card printing market. Through its expertise, SunJet has formulated a variety of ink technologies suitable for use in printers employing Piezo Drop-on-Demand, Thermal and Continuous Binary print heads.…

  • Phenolic Resins for Plastics

    DIC’s phenolic resins are optimized for fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) production and exhibit flame resistance as well as various curability options.

  • PHENOLITE for Electronics

    DIC’s PHENOLITE novolac phenol resins serve as epoxy resin curing agents which imbue electrical laminates with outstanding anti-corrosion properties.

  • PHENOLITE for Ink

    DIC's PHENOLITE is a novolac phenol resin for epoxy resin curing agents which imbue ink formulations with unmatched heat, moisture and chemical resistance.

  • Pre-Laid Overlay for Plastic & ID Cards

    Pre-laid magnetic stripes are applied on various substrates to provide convenience to both equipped and non-equipped card manufacturers.

  • Pre-Patched Holograms for Plastic & ID Cards

    Customizable pre-patched holograms for government documents and ID cards provide convenient, exceptional anti-forgery characteristics.

  • PTBP for Plastics

    DIC’s PTBP (4-tert-Butylphenol) is optimized for the production of phenolic resins and as a molecular weight modifier in polycarbonate resin production.

  • Revolution

    Digital Inkjet Inks for Industrial Printing

    The Revolution series of inks have been developed to embrace the emerging digital applications in the industrial print sector.

    Industrial print frequently means printing onto 3D shapes and non-flat surfaces and the SunJet enhanced drop formation technology provides the jetting stability required to cope with the longer throw distances …

  • SEPAREL® for Inkjet

    DIC’s SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane technology delivers unmatched degasification of digital inkjet ink.

  • SEPAREL® for Water Degassing

    DIC's SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane technology delivers unmatched degasification for various water treatment applications.