Color Materials

Color Materials: High Performance PigmentPackaging

Sun Chemical Color Materials offers a broad portfolio of pigments, including classical, high performance, inorganic, metallic, organic, pearlescent, preparations, and synthetic mica pearls. Sun Chemical provides customers with solutions tailor made for their individual needs and requirements in the coatings, cosmetics, digital, merchant ink, plastics and specialties markets.

  • Fanchon yellow provides high strength and clean color in packaging applications.

    Fanchon® for Packaging

    Fanchon series are high performance yellow and orange pigments for use in even the most demanding applications.

  • Fastogen Super for packaging ink applications

    Fastogen® Super for Packaging

    DIC brand high performance reds, violets and magentas for packaging applications.

  • Palomar pigments for packaging ink applications.

    Palomar® for Packaging

    High performance Indanthrone blue and unique chlorinated phthalocyanines blues and greens for printing ink packaging applications.