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Inks and Coatings for Digital Printing

Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, offer the largest range of digital inks and coatings available worldwide for virtually every inkjet application.

Backed by the formulation capabilities and application expertise to create new market opportunities for digital printing, Sun Chemical’s inkjet inks and coatings solutions for OEM printers can be used for packaging, display graphics, textiles, décor, ceramics and tiles, labels, plastic cards, industrial printing and more.

Sun Chemical also offers direct-to-consumer solvent inkjet inks that are compatible with popular wide and super-wide format printers in the graphic markets as well as water-based digital inks for the textiles market on any fabric. Our wide range of acid dye inks, pigment inks, sublimation inks and reactive inks are formulated for your specifications and needs.

Combining Sun Chemical’s ink manufacturing heritage with its decades of digital experience provides many inkjet printing advantages including:

  • Excellent open time in printheads
  • High productivity
  • Reduced print head maintenance intervals and longer life
  • Reliable jetting
  • High resistance images
  • Wide color gamut
  • Proven, tried, tested and assured ink technology

Below is a sampling of Sun Chemical inkjet inks and coatings solutions for the digital printing market:

Digital Textile Inks

Sun Chemical offers a wide portfolio of water-based digital inks for the textiles market enabling digital printing on any fabric. Bringing together expertise in digital printing with a deep knowledge of the textile industry, Sun Chemical can tune inks to meet the demands of any printer.

Our globally recognized ElvaJet and Xennia brands, for example, set the standard for quality and performance. The capability in aqueous inks, combined with a commitment to providing sustainable solutions to our partners, sets a platform for the future of the inkjet business in textiles.

  • Water-based Acid Dye Inks

    By combining years of market expertise with our understanding of the chemistry of color, Sun Chemical’s digital acid dye inks are specially created to deliver excellent quality, stability and color consistency. With our range of water-based acid dye inks, you can be confident in achieving uniformity across multiple print runs.

  • Water-based Pigmented Inks

    If you’re looking for a digital ink that will maximize performance and boost longevity, look no further than Sun Chemical’s portfolio of water-based digital pigment inks. Used across numerous applications, from textiles to flooring and packaging, our digital pigment inks allow customers to easily add value to their printed products.

  • Water-based Reactive Dyes

    Suitable for a range of substrates and applications, Sun Chemical’s reactive inks offer the ultimate color performance. By offering both outstanding production reliability and fastness, Sun Chemical’s digital reactive inks do not compromise on consistency or quality.

  • Water-based Sublimation Inks

    Sun Chemical’s portfolio of digital sublimation inks enables users to benefit from the best color and print performance across a range of demanding applications from fashion and sports apparel to home textiles, sign & display, and hard surfaces. Based on dye dispersions developed and manufactured in-house, Sun Chemical has a digital sublimation ink for a full range of inkjet printers with options for low, mid, and high viscosity technology, offering outstanding reliability and application performance.