Inks, Coatings and Pressroom Products

Inks, Coatings and Pressroom Products

Sun Chemical offers a broad ink and coating product portfolio with a wide range of capabilities that include flexographic packaging inks, energy-curable inks and coatings, label and narrow web inks, specialty coatings, color software and brand color management.

  • 2030 Sustainability Agenda

    Sun Chemical’s 2030 Sustainability Agenda At Sun Chemical, we proactively take a leadership role in raising awareness of environmental issues that are a part of the industries we serve, both from a regulatory standpoint and by consumer-driven forces. That’s why we’re striving to align our goals with those of the United Nations in its “Sustainable… Read More

  • Aquadisperse for Architectural Coatings

    Aquadisperse for Architectural

    Aquadisperse  Waterbased preparations for paint and coatings applications.

  • Asia/Pacific Food Packaging Legislation

    Sun Chemical Resources about Food Packaging Legislation in the Asia/Pacific Region As a leader in regulatory and compliance issues, Sun Chemical works closely with customers to help them comply with the strict food packaging standards required by brand owners and regulations. We provide ink and coating solutions that are migration compliant and can ensure you’re… Read More

  • Ask The Press Doctor

    Ask your newspaper or coldset printing questions to the US Ink Press doctor.

  • Brighter Ideas

    Release your packaging from the ordinary with brighter ideas from Sun Chemical. Sun Chemical is a true packaging solutions partners who can innovate and inspire your brand from concept to consumer. Learn how to get your customers’ attention quickly and outshine the competition with packaging that bursts with potential by downloading your Brighter Ideas for… Read More

  • Brighter Ideas For Labels

    Our brighter ideas for labels can help take your packaging from ordinary to extraordinary. As a global solutions provider with capabilities across the narrow web, label and flexible packaging markets, Sun Chemical’s Brighter Ideas for Labels Guide will provide you with an overview of the key trends and challenges we’re seeing in the market. Covering… Read More

  • Coatings Lineup White Paper Thank You

    Your white paper — How a Full Lineup of Coatings Can Transform Packaging — is ready to download below.  

  • Concept to Consumer

    Sun Chemical Packaging Solutions Partner Now you can go from concept to consumer with a true packaging solutions partner and take advantage of all the combined solutions we offer while benefiting by: Differentiating your brands Improving your bottom line Go from concept to consumer with design, prepress, color management, inks, coatings and plates – all… Read More

  • Direct Food Contact Inks and Coatings

    Sun Chemical Offers Ink and Coating Solutions for Direct Food Contact Packaging In rare instances, the print on the packaging is intended to be in very close or direct contact with the packaged goods. This is referred to as direct food contact (DFC) and is regulated within the scope of the EC 1935/2004 Framework Regulation… Read More

  • Dispenser Program

    Lower Your Ink Spend – and More – with the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program Decrease your operational cost and reduce your expenses with the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program for commercial sheetfed, folding carton and narrow web tag and label printers. Taking advantage of the dispenser program could lower your ink spend between 35% to 45%*… Read More

  • Download our Coatings White Paper

    Discover How a Full Lineup of Coatings Can Transform Packaging Coatings Enhance Packaging, Enable Sustainability, Engage the Senses, Increase Functionality, Create Impact Coatings today are used for far more than functional properties, they can: Play a critical role in shelf life Have the sensory appeal to grab the attention of shoppers Help overcome recycling and… Read More

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    Solvent-free Lamination Technology Introducing a solvent-free adhesive for semi-flexo application After several years of intense R&D activity, DIC Corporation and Sun Chemical have developed a new way of applying solvent-free adhesive, and by partnering with Uteco, it is now available. Sun Chemical and Uteco have combined their expertise to bring DUALAM™ technology to the new… Read More

  • Eco-Friendly Inks

    Serve up Eco-friendly Packaging Without Taking a Bite Out of Your Bottom Line As consumers focus their attention on sustainability and how the products they’re using are contributing to the environment, brand owners are taking the dedicated steps necessary to vet and study the environmental practices implemented by their suppliers and partners. That’s why we’ve… Read More

  • Eco-Friendly Inks Whitepaper

  • Edible Inks for Direct Food Printing

    Sun Chemical has optimized a range of edible inks for direct food printing which offer outstanding print performance across a range of printing systems. Focusing on color and print quality over a range of substrates means our range of edible inks are versatile and reliable in all production environments. All colorants used in the production of Sun Chemical edible inks are carefully selected to be safe and compliant for use in food printing.