RJA Dispersions


Sun Chemical delivers the broadest portfolio of ready-made dispersion for the digital inkjet ink markets

Sun Chemical Corporation acquired RJA Dispersions, LLC to complement its existing product offering so that Sun could offer the market the broadest portfolio of ready-made dispersion for the digital inkjet ink markets. This includes offerings for the energy cure, solvent, eco solvent and aqueous inkjet ink markets. This additional product line set helps Sun Chemical drive home the value proposition it instills with its customers, that Sun is able to save our customers time, money and effort through the use of our world-class dispersions.

Key Attributes:

  • Sharp Peaked Particle Size Distributions
  • Extremely Stable in Multi-phase Heat Aged Testing
  • Ultra fine Filtration
  • Easy to Use and Resin Free

RJA Dispersions evolved into a leading manufacturer of resin-free fine-particle dispersions in water, solvent, plasticizers, and acrylate and vinyl monomers. The RJA product line, now part of Sun Chemical, is known for its ability to make consistent, high quality dispersions. Sun Chemical continues to offer stable, nano and ultra-fine dispersions of pigments and particles, which provide the unique size, filter-ability, stability, color consistency and transparency required for ink jet inks for advertising and graphic arts applications, and for transparent coatings.

Download our dispersion brochure to the left for information on key product lines within the portfolio, keeping in mind there are additional small volume and same color additional formulas available. These codes are an excellent starting point for dispersions, but Sun Chemical stands ready to offer other formulations upon request.