World-Class Technical Service to Make Your Operation More Productive (North America)


Best-in-Class Technical Service Model

By applying our structured problem-solving approach, we can improve ink and pressroom efficiencies to increase production and reduce costs.

Adding Value to Your Pressroom

From pressroom and ink performance assessments, to product selection and trial support with continuous improvement recommendations, our technical team takes a proactive approach to service.

Our Customer Technical Service representatives will work with you to help meet your business goals.

Improve Efficiencies

Based on Six Sigma™ and Kepner-Tregoe™ problem-solving and decision-making methodology, a structured approach will help identify key ink room, pressroom and quality metrics, and establish an action plan to improve efficiencies.

Our common objectives will be increased throughput, waste reduction, and quality improvements to boost your production and profits.

Quantifiable Results, Documented Value

Through ongoing execution and measurement, we will show you quantifiable results. At Sun Chemical, we take accountability for our customers’ performance and show the results of our efforts. Through this collaborative and consultative approach, we can make an impact on your business.