Sun Chemical ECS 2019 Technical Presentations

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Thanks for your interest in the Sun Chemical technical sessions at the 2019 European Coating
Show March 19th through 21st. Please choose the times and dates that work best for you. Seating is limited, so please register today.


Introduction to SunMICA Pearlescent and Benda-Lutz Metallic Pigments in Coatings
Presented by Anthony Rohrer, Product Specialist, Effect Pigments

The lecture is intended to provide a foundation for those new to Effect pigments and to strengthen the knowledge of those already familiar with them.  It is appropriate for technical people formulating with effect pigments and non-technical personnel who specify or purchase them.

The discussion will begin with the various types of pearlescent pigments and metallic pigments and the reasons to specify one vs the other.  Basic optics, luster, multi-layer reflection, and interference color theory will then be reviewed.  Particle size measurement techniques, interpretation of particle size distributions and cautions will be covered.  Lastly, formulation guidelines dealing with hiding power, orientation and anti-settling will be presented.

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Tuesday, March 19 12PM-1PM

Quindo and Fanchon High Performance Pigments – Technology Review
Presented by Alex Gibson, Product Specialist, High Performance Pigments

This presentation is intended for those wishing to expand their technical understanding of high-performance pigments. The foundational information will assist in value-based pigment selection, dispersion optimization, and problem-solving color related challenges.

The classes of organic pigments will be reviewed and why certain pigments are classified as high performance. Organic pigment technology covering particle size distributions, particle shape, agglomeration vs aggregation, surface area, crystal morphology and solid solutions, surface energy, and surface charge will be presented. Advancements in Quinacridone Red 122, Perylene Red 179, Yellow 139 and Yellow 151 will be featured.

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Tuesday, March 19 2PM-3PM


DICNATE SG series – Cobalt-free driers for solventborne and waterborne alkyd paints

Presented by Akinori TAKAHASHI, Chemist, Polymer Technical Group

This presentation is intended for formulators working to improve the performance of Cobalt driers replacements in solvent and waterborne alkyd paints.  Cobalt carboxylates have been commonly used as driers to promote oxidative polymerization of unsaturated fatty acid chains in alkyd paints. Nowadays, demands for cobalt alternative driers are increasing because of concerns about conventional cobalt driers harmfulness.  Alternatives up till now can have performance drawbacks.  To solve this issue, modified manganese carboxylate-based driers were developed.  In this presentation, the impact of new amine ligands on catalytic performances of new driers will be reported.

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Wednesday, March 20 9:30AM-10:30AM


Benda-Lutz® SPLENDAL VMP for Automotive Interior and Exterior Coatings

Presented by Martin Baier, Technical Account Manager, Coatings

Overview: Vacuum metalized aluminum pigments offer a unique level of brilliance and reflectivity in coatings but they have specific application requirements to reach their optimal level.  This presentation will review diffuse vs specular reflection, optical differences of VMP vs milled aluminum flake, commercial offerings and ideal application methods for automotive interior, trim and wheels. Formulation guidelines for waterborne and solvent borne VMP based coatings will also be presented.

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Thursday, March 21 12PM-1PM