Sun Chemical Highlights Latest in Resin and Pigment Technology at ABRAFATI 2017

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – October 3-5, 2017 –  Sun Chemical’s Performance Pigments and Advanced Materials divisions will launch a wide array of new pigments and resin technologies during ABRAFATI 2017.

Some of the newest solutions on display at Sun Chemical’s booth at Row B/Aisle 2-3, include: a solvent-free hotmelt adhesive resin, an acrylic polyol for air dry melamine technology that offers the same key curing benefits of a stoving system, pigments that expand the color gamut and meet environmental regulations, and other novel technologies that add luxury to automotive interior plastic parts and anti-corrosion properties.

“ABRAFATI is a significant event for Sun Chemical and we hope to demonstrate how our full range of tailor made resins and pigments can help customers and prospective customers achieve excellent results with any coatings application,” said Michael T. Venturini, Marketing Director, Coatings, Sun Chemical. “We look forward to interacting face-to-face with a much broader global customer base and learning what needs and requirements they are looking for with both their resins and pigments.”

Sun Chemical Advanced Materials Division Introduces Cutting-Edge Resin Technology from DIC
Resin technology from DIC will be delivered and showcased by Sun Chemical Advanced Materials during the show including the newest addition to the popular FINEPLUS product range, FINEPLUS® HM, a solvent-free 2K reactive hotmelt adhesive designed to adhere to laminate furniture, metal, plastics, textiles and glass that replaces solvent-based hotmelt adhesive chemistries. Ideal for improving environmental performance, ease of use, and reliability in automotive assembly, the full portfolio includes amorphous, crystalline and liquid versions of the high-quality polyester polyols for reactive adhesives.

Also launching at the show is BURNOCK® AC 2530 DIC polyol resin for air dry curing systems/chemistries. The new acrylic polyol for air dry melamine technology brings the same performance properties widely desired from a stoving system to an air dry system. There are no baking ovens required and no pot-life limitations with the BURNOCK AC 2530 polyol while providing the same durability as heat-cured systems.

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments Division Launches Three New Pigments for Coatings
Three new pigments will be on display at Sun Chemical’s booth, including Sunbrite® Yellow 74, a VOC-free Azo yellow pigment developed specifically for architectural decorative coatings producers and the needs of machine colorants. Easier to disperse than previous grades, Sunbrite Yellow 74 delivers 15 to 20 percent more tint strength than comparable products and meets the most stringent environmental regulations in Europe.

Sun Chemical’s yellow shade Perrindo® Maroon 179 features the benchmark transparency that is vital to producing modern, high chromatic metallic red finishes. One of the most yellow pigment red 179 shades on the market, Perrindo Maroon 179 offers excellent light and weather fastness, rigorous process and quality control, compatibility in water and solventborne systems, and is easy to disperse.

Suitable for water and solventborne systems, Quindo® Magenta 202 enables excellent styling for highly transparent and chromatic effect shades and has excellent durability and fastness properties for automotive and high-performance coatings. As Sun Chemical’s newest quinacridone pigment, its low rheology provides easy formulating using one product for all systems, and it delivers highly pigmented bases in low-VOC, high-solid coatings.

Pigment and Resin Solutions for Plastics in Automotive Interiors
Visitors will be introduced to the new WATERSOL AC-7505 resin which provides a desirable metallic finish on automotive interior plastic without a clearcoat. The 2K chemistry offers the chemical resistance needed in a single layer system, reducing complication in coating application and at the same time passing the industry’s most demanding sunscreen tests.

Combining WATERSOL AC-7505 with Sun Chemical’s Benda-Lutz® SPLENDAL vacuum metalized flake pigments can produce luxurious finishes for inlays, bezels, handles, trim and other automotive interior plastic parts. Visitors will also learn about the improved self-healing and scratch/mar-resistant qualities of an acrylic polyol DIC technology delivered by Sun Chemical called WRU-429.

Sun Chemical Performance to Showcase VOC-Free Aluminum Pellets
Sun Chemical’s Benda-Lutz® COMPAL WS, a range of highly concentrated, VOC-free aluminum preparations for inks and coatings will be on display. Designed for long term gassing stability in aqueous environments, COMPAL WS can be used in both water- or solvent-based systems, providing maximum formulation flexibility. Each grade of COMPAL WS preparations is delivered in an easily dispersible granular form for safe and easy handling, improved shelf stability, and numerous other advantages in transport.

High Performance Pigment and Resin Solutions for Anti-Corrosion
With difunctional, trifunctional and tetrafunctional varieties, EPICLON epoxy resins impart high-performance composites with unmatched heat and water resistance, toughness and excellent adhesion. Booth visitors learn why DIC’s EPICLON epoxy resins are ideal for major applications in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, tooling and adhesives industries.

When mixed with waterborne epoxy resins, zinc flake pigments can often provide superior corrosion protection. Sun Chemical’s Benda-Lutz® ZINC provides the cathodic protection of zinc in a platelet form allowing for coatings with thinner film thicknesses and reduced settling. Flake geometry also provides excellent long term barrier protection and gives finished coatings a smooth, unique metallic appearance.

To learn more, visit Sun Chemical’s booth at Row B/Aisle 2-3 during ABRAFATI 2017 at the São Paulo Expo on October 3-5.

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