Delivering Consistent Brand Color - Anywhere and on Any Substrate

SunColorBox: a Toolkit for Printers/Converters to Manage Brand Colors

SunColorBox is a unique set of tools and services that enables consistent and accurate digital color communication throughout the entire packaging supply chain. These applications and services are aimed at supporting packaging printers and converters produce brand colors consistently, anywhere in the world, within a fully optimized digital process.

Since 2014, Sun Chemical has been implementing the SunColorBox solution at a large number of customer sites around the world using all printing technologies, including flexo, gravure and offset, and has achieved the following substantial savings for customers:

  • 25%-30% savings in press make-ready time
  • 10%-40% savings from right first time on press
  • 20%-70% reduction in ink returns usage
  • 30%-40% reduction in substrate waste
  • 30%-80% color palette reduction

Globally we now have more than 300 highly trained personnel helping brands achieve color consistency on any substrate the first time. Our SunColorBox Specialists are regionally located across the world and supported by our Color Centers. More than 250 customers globally use tools from SunColorBox to achieve consistent brand colors anywhere and on any substrate.

The SunColorBox Toolkit and Benefits to Customers

SunColorBox offers every customer–whether printing spot color, CMYK, or extended color gamut–a tool to manage colors and ensure their consistency. It allows each customer to select the most suitable services based on the size of their business and the investment required. Click on the icons below to see customer testimonials about each of the services in the SunColorBox toolkit.

Solving Common Brand Color Management Challenges

Colors plays a critical role in product sales. It is essential that consumers see the same color on every version of the product, however it is packaged and where it is sold. Failure to control color consistently or to use too little or too much color can reduce brand impact, confused customers and damage sales. But this is only one of the many challenges faced by brand managers and the converters and printers they work with.

Below are some common needs converters and brand owners face when it comes to managing color consistency on packaging. Sun Chemical can help:

Color Matching

The colors on pouches, bottles and boxes are printed on many different substrates using a range of processes. Each substrate responds differently to different inks, processes and lighting. Ensuring consistent color under all these conditions is a complex affair. We offer services to formulate the ink you need. Any of the following SunColorBox tools can help achieve your color matching objectives:

Color Quality

Sun Chemical can help with quality control, production consistency, and data tracking using any of the following SunColorBox tools:

Color Swatch

Sun Chemical can help standardize your brand colors, achieve color communication and manage your brand colors through the following SunColorBox services:

Color Support

If you’re looking for color training, a color audit, an ink dispenser consultation, a process calibration or need help rationalizing or harmonizing colors, Sun Chemical’s SunColorBox services that can help include:


Partnerships play an important role in the ongoing evolution and development of our innovative set of tools within SunColorBox. Here’s a list of some of these partners:


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SunColorBox Video
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Feel like learning more? Download our SunColorBox Guide.



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