in-cosmetics 2023

March 28 - 30, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain | AE40

We look forward to seeing you at Sun Chemical’s booth at in-cosmetics® global!

Today’s cosmetic customers have a strong desire for bold colors without compromising on the naturality and sustainability of the ingredients in their make-up and personal care formulations.

Sun Chemical is at the forefront of providing natural and innovative pigments and we’re excited to showcase our newest products at in-cosmetics. Together we can push the boundaries of what’s possible in color development by creating novel solutions for the world of beauty.

Stand Highlight

Beauty is colorful.

Sun Chemical offers the most comprehensive color portfolio serving the beauty industry, including classical FDA certified organics, high purity iron oxides, a wide selection of inorganic chemistries, certified dyes, easy to use dispersions, and an extensive range of sparkling effect pigments. When we combine your formulation capabilities and our pigment expertise, there are no limits to the colors we can create.


Stand Highlight#1

Color is natural.

Explore our curated selection of cosmetic colors and beauty ingredients that improve the naturality and function of beauty formulas. With SunPURO® Naturals, we can create formulas with nature and expand what’s possible in color and personal care.


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Color is moving.

Get inspired by our new line of SunPRIZMA® Super and Extreme effect pigments. These effect pigments are based on Slica, Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide and offer a range of high coverage, multichromatic effects for intense bold looks and ultra glittering color travel for striking sparkle finishes. With SunPRIZMA™ effects, formulators will be able to create chromatic color shifts with extraordinary effects in color cosmetics.


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Color is metallic.

Meet the newest addition to our innovative line of effect pigments utilizing patented technology to create stunning blackened metallic-like effect pigments. With an embedded colorant, ReflecksTM Dimensions Platinum G13CD provides a sleek, silver metallic color with the reflective sparkle of a borosilicate-based effect pigment.


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Color is uplifting.

Oranges are in season.  Associated with joy and uplifting vibrancy, orange reminds us of juicy citrus, creamsicle ice pops, and birds of paradise. Flamenco® Summit Orange O80D and Reflecks™ Dimensions Metallic Orange GO90D are the latest innovations offering exceptionally bright and reflective effects. Orange energizes and elevates us with optimism for what’s ahead. Join the movement with Flamenco® Summit Orange O80D and ReflecksTM Dimensions Metallic Orange GO90D


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Plant a Tree with Pigment Finder

Let‘s color the earth with more trees together! Visit our booth to check out Pigment Finder and sign up to join our tree planted initiative. For every account that is validated by April 14, 2023, we‘ll plant a tree!


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