Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials: Polymers

Resins and Additives for Coating, Electronic, Aerospace and Textile Applications

Sun Chemical, together with its parent company, DIC Group, deliver a portfolio of products for coating resins, epoxy resins, specialty resins and additives. These technologies serve markets ranging from automotive coatings, electronics, architectural and industrial coatings, aerospace and textile applications.

Our global offering with DIC covers a wide variety of solutions to meet complex industry requirements.  Our unique portfolio is defined by segment:


  • Additives

    Sun Chemical provides high performance additives like metal carboxylate driers & catalysts, sulphulrised EP additives, fluorosurfactants, alkylphenols, plasticizers etc. for multiple industrial uses and applications.

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    Coating Resins

    Sun Chemical offers a wide range of waterborne, solventborne and powder resins to meet all coating needs for the automotive, industrial, decorative and architectural markets.

  • Epoxy Resins

    Sun Chemical provides a full range of epoxy resins from standard BPA / BPF resins over a broad portfolio of epoxy novolacs to sophisticated high performance epoxies. This portfolio covers the various needs in coating, adhesive and composite applications for a wide usage in industrial, electronics and electric, automotive, aircraft and other markets.

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    HYDRAN GP Series Water-based Polyurethane Resins

    Our innovative HYDRAN™ GP series of water-based polyurethane resins combines the high-performance qualities typically associated with conventional solvent-based products with the environment-friendly advantages of water-based resins.

  • Specialty Resins

    Sun Chemical offers a broad portfolio of resins for various specialty applications like packaging, optical and industrial films, artificial leather and textiles, lamination and others.