Sustainable Growth with the "5Rs"

How to Grow Your Packaging Production Sustainably: The Advantages for You and Your Customers


Good for Business, Good for the Planet

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue for the planet’s inhabitants, individuals and businesses alike are taking more and more steps to reduce their carbon footprints, as well as striving to contribute to the circular economy.



What is the Circular Economy?

The circular economy is a new and inclusive economic paradigm that aims to minimize pollution and waste, extend product lifecycles, and enable broad sharing of physical and natural assets*. It pushes a competitive economy that creates green jobs and keeps resource use within planetary boundaries.

A key part of living and operating more sustainably means contributing to the circular economy and packaging businesses are well-placed to do so.

Use the 5Rs to Contribute

Where do you fit in? Sun Chemical has produced Sustainable Growth – a guide to help you grow your business sustainably and contribute to the circular economy.

This ‘how-to’ guide is built around 5Rs: 5Rs-Graphic-Reduce-Renew-Recycle-Redesign-Reuse

  • Reuse – Reduce single use packaging
  • Reduce – Packaging doing more, with less
  • Renew – Benefit with bio-renewable materials
  • Recycle – Feed the circular economy
  • Redesign – Re-evaluate for greater efficiency

By implementing the practices of this guide and choosing to operate more sustainably, your business will not only play its vital role in helping to reduce waste and lower global COemissions, it can also cut costs, boost business growth and significantly enhance its public perception.

Download our guide to learn about the 5Rs in detail and find how they can help your business to achieve its sustainability goals – and more.

You can also learn about how we incorporate the 5Rs in our business practices through this infographic, a free downloadable resource.

*According to the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Europe



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