Meeting Customer Needs in Every Country in Europe

Sun Chemical is a leading producer of printing inks, coatings and supplies, pigments, polymers, liquid compounds, solid compounds, and application materials that tailors solutions to unique customer needs and brings new ideas and the latest technology to market across Europe.

We are present in every country in Europe and equipped to provide the best service to our customers in their local language. We also have pan-European plants and labs which are highly specialized centers that benefit all of our customers.

Sun Chemical’s unparalleled global presence allows for the delivery of local service and support that is customized to the markets we serve. Together with DIC, Sun Chemical is continuously working to promote and develop sustainable solutions to exceed customer expectations and better the world around us.

Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC Group, is a leading producer of packaging and graphic solutions, color and display technologies, functional products, electronic materials, and products for the automotive and healthcare industries.

Sun Chemical also develops a wide range of pigments for architectural and industrial coatings, automotive coatings, cosmetics, inks and more. Combining its pigments with DIC’s polymers for the same industries can create superior benefits and value for coatings formulators.

Sun Chemical and DIC produce a variety of advanced materials, including liquid compounds, solid compounds and application materials. Sun Chemical’s liquid compounds can be developed for printed circuits and printed electronics, solar modules, digital inkjet printing, and others.

Solid compounds are developed for automotive components and glossy interiors, as well as industrial, construction and other electrical components. Sun Chemical’s application materials can include adhesives for commercial and industrial electronics, magnetic tapes for plastic cards and degasification modules for water treatment facilities.

Sun Chemical’s European headquarters is located in Slough, UK. Learn more about out our locations in Europe.


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