Bringing Solutions to the Asia/Pacific Region through DIC Corporation

Through Sun Chemical’s parent company, DIC Corporation, we are able to bring the Asia/Pacific region of the world the inks, pigments and synthetic resins that today’s customers require. DIC is now the leading provider of inks, pigments, and synthetic resins across Asia and the Pacific region.

DIC offers a broad portfolio of printing inks and supplies with capabilities in: web heatset and sheetfed offset, publication and packaging gravure, news ink and publication coldset, flexographic packaging inks, corrugated packaging inks, energy-curable inks and coatings, screen inks, label and narrow web inks, toner, inkjet materials, adhesives for packaging, overprint varnishes, specialty coatings, effect inks, flexograhic printing plates, digital artwork file management, color software and brand color management, printed electronics, and security inks and coatings.

DIC also provides a wide range of neo-graphic arts materials including: supertwisted nematic (STN) LCs, alkylphenols, metal carboxylates, sulphur chemicals, and pigments for the printing inks, coatings, plastics, color filters, and electronics markets.

DIC manufactures synthetic resins for inks and coatings, molded products, adhesives and textiles, including: polyurethane, epoxy, polystyrene, unsaturated polyester, acrylic, phenolic and alkyd resins, plasticizers.

Chemical solution materials developed by DIC include a variety of solid compounds such as: plastic colorants, polyphenylene sulfide compounds, high-performance optical materials, high-performance compounds, coextruded multilayer films, and toners. Processed products include: decorative boards, interior housing products, industrial adhesive tapes, labels, stickers, label stock for printing, specialty magnetic foils, plastic pallets, containers, hollow-fiber membranes, modules, bathtubs and bath units, synthetic marble, and sheet molding compounds.

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