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Today’s environment requires more than change. It demands transformation — and a partner who’s willing to transform with you. As the world’s leading producer of inks and pigments, Sun Chemical gives you over 8,000 people working in more than 250 locations in 63 countries.

We are committed to meeting your needs, while never losing sight of the business essentials: reliable, on-time delivery, consistent product quality, dependable service and groundbreaking innovation. Our new solutions enable marketers to better manage their brand colors, protect product integrity through improvements in packaging, introduce security features that defend against counterfeiting, and help converters meet the needs of their customers regardless of market or application.

To be successful in a world of increasing competition, faster turnarounds and more complex printing demands, you can count on Sun Chemical to be your partner.

Sun Chemical brings you from concept to shelf with prepress, color management, brand protection, plates, inks, coatings and consumables — all from a single source.

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments division provides our customers with solutions tailor made for your individual needs and requirements in the coatings, cosmetics, plastics, digital, printing inks, and specialties industries. Our portfolio of pigments range from classical and high performance pigments to metallic and pearlescent pigments and preparations.

With locations ranging in support from Sales and Customer Service to Research and Development and Manufacturing, the employees of Sun Chemical Latin America are dedicated to providing products for ink and pigment customers as part of our promise to provide world-class quality, service and innovation.

Latin American Locations:

We have presence in all the region and have resources that allow us to provide the best service to our customers in their own language.

  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Santiago (Chile)
  • São Paulo (Brasil)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
  • Bogotá (Colombia)
  • Medellín (Colombia)
  • Cali (Colombia)
  • La Lima (Costa Rica)
  • Pavas (Costa Rica)
  • Quito (Ecuador)
  • Guayaquil (Ecuador)
  • San Salvador (El Salvador)
  • Ciudad de Guatemala (Guatemala)
  • Naucalpan (Mexico)
  • Guadalajara (Mexico)
  • Monterrey (Mexico)
  • Querétaro (Mexico)
  • Panama
  • Lima (Peru)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Trinidad y Tobago
  • Venezuela


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