Sun Chemical Performance Pigments offers a broad portfolio of pigments, including classical, high performance, inorganic, metallic, organic, pearlescent, preparations, and synthetic mica pearls.

See below for a small sampling of our broad range of product offerings. Please check back soon as our online product catalogue will be available shortly.


From diarylide yellows, oranges or reds to phthalocyanine blues and greens, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments offers a wide range of classical pigments.


From bold colors to pearlescent shades, Sun Chemical provides a large selection of pigments specifically made for cosmetic formulators.


Sun Chemical offers a wide range of metallic and special effect pigment options for your individual needs.

High-Performance Pigments (HPP)

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments is a leader in high-performance pigment technology, from quinacridones to perylene reds and violets and indanthrone blue.


Sun Chemical offers a range of preparations from dry or flush colors to presscakes, pastes or dispersions.