Advanced Materials: Application Materials

Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, deliver a vast portfolio of advanced products and technologies to broad markets, including automotive, inkjet, electrical/electronics, architectural and industrial coatings, aerospace, printed electronics, printed circuit boards, photovoltaics, plastic cards, water degassing, and plastics.

Sun Chemical’s global presence, combined with advanced technologies and products from Sun & DIC, allows for the delivery of local service and support with solutions, tailor-made.

See below for a small sampling of our broad range of product offerings.

  • 4Plate for Plastic & ID Cards

    4Plate is a joint-venture company that delivers the most complete, integrated and innovative lamination plate technology portfolio.

  • DAITAC for Automotive

    DIC's DAITAC pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are optimized for the production of dashboards and shift columns.

  • DAITAC for Electronics

    DIC’s DAITAC pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are optimized for manufacturing smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and other consumer electronics.

  • Deuton-M Magnetic Tape for Plastic and ID Cards

    DEUTON-M for Plastic & ID Cards

    DIC's DEUTON-M magnetic tapes are specialized for producing plastic cards with high durability and security.

  • ime banner

    In-Mold Electronic Materials (IME)

    who can create revolutionary electronics designs with best in class IME materials?
    you can.

    In-Mold-Electronics (IME) is a revolutionary new way of integrating electronics into plastics. It opens up immense possibilities for product designers and electronics manufactures to create 3D contoured smart electronic surfaces. IME enables the production of ergonomic, lightweight and durable parts through …

  • Pre-Laid Overlay for Plastic & ID Cards

    Pre-laid magnetic stripes are applied on various substrates to provide convenience to both equipped and non-equipped card manufacturers.

  • Pre-Patched Holograms for Plastic & ID Cards

    Customizable pre-patched holograms for government documents and ID cards provide convenient, exceptional anti-forgery characteristics.

  • SEPAREL® for Inkjet

    DIC’s SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane technology delivers unmatched degasification of digital inkjet ink.

  • SEPAREL® for Water Degassing

    DIC's SEPAREL hollow fiber membrane technology delivers unmatched degasification for various water treatment applications.