Sun Chemical provides inks, coatings and other pressroom products for a variety of applications or substrates, including business forms, coatings, coldset, commercial sheetfed, corrugated box, flexible film, flexible paper, folding carton, glass, graphics, heatset, High-Tech Automotive, metal deco, multipurpose, narrow web tag & label, optical disc, plastic, plastic card, plastic container, plates, publication gravure, shrink sleeve, SunJet inkjet technology, tobacco, and towel & tissue.


Sun Chemical is more than an ink company; it also has a wide range of coatings for a variety of printing processes and markets.

Corrugated Box

Package printers in the corrugated sector have access to Sun Chemical’s inks for corrugated box.

Flexible Film

Sun Chemical has many inks and coatings that can be used on flexible film.

Flexible Paper

A variety of ink products for flexo printing on paper are available from Sun Chemical.

Folding Carton

Sun Chemical has a wide range of inks and coatings for both the offset/commercial market and the packaging market using a variety of printing processes.


Sun Chemical offers multipurpose screen inks for use on a wide range of plastic substrates.

Narrow Web Tag + Label

Sun Chemical can meet the flexo ink and coating needs of narrow web tag and label printers in the packaging market.


Sun Chemical manufactures printing plates for flexo printing.

Shrink Sleeve

Sun Chemical has a variety of packaging inks and coatings for the gravure, flexo and lithographic printing processes.



Towel & Tissue

Sun Chemical manufactures flexo inks for towel and tissue applications.

Commercial Sheetfed

Sun Chemical offers an array of lithographic inks and pressroom products for the commercial sheetfed market.

Business Forms

Sun Chemical has a wide range of lithographic inks and other pressroom products for business form printing, including appointment cards, brochures, postcards, letterhead, invoice statements, medical forms, prescription pads, checks, and more.

Metal Deco

Sun Chemical has a range of lithographic inks for printing on coated metals.

SunJet Inkjet Technology

SunJet, a subsidiary of Sun Chemical, manufactures inkjet inks for digital printers.


Sun Chemical has a variety of lithographic inks and fountain solutions for coldset printing.


Sun Chemical has a wide range of lithographic inks and other pressroom products for heatset printing.


Sun Chemical manufactures inks for screen printers to use on glass.

High-Tech Automotive

Sun Chemical has a variety of screen inks for the High-Tech Automotive market.

Optical Disc

Screen inks specifically for optical discs like CDs or DVDs are available from Sun Chemical.


Sun Chemical has a wide range of lithographic inks, coatings and consumables for printing on a variety of plastics in the offset/commercial market.

Plastic Card

Sun Chemical manufactures screen inks for printing on plastic card.

Plastic Container

Sun Chemical screen inks for plastic container printing.

Printed Circuits

Sun Chemical provides printing inks and resists used for manufacturing printed circuit and wiring boards.