Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials: Electrical/Electronics

Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, deliver a vast portfolio of advanced products and technologies to broad markets, including automotive, inkjet, electrical/electronics, architectural and industrial coatings, aerospace, printed electronics, printed circuit boards, photovoltaics, plastic cards, water degassing, and plastics.

Sun Chemical’s global presence, combined with advanced technologies and products from Sun & DIC, allows for the delivery of local service and support with solutions, tailor-made.

See below for a small sampling of our broad range of product offerings.

  • DAITAC for Electronics

    DIC’s DAITAC pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes are optimized for manufacturing smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and other consumer electronics.

  • DIC.PPS For Electronics

    Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) from the DIC Corporation is optimized for producing components in household electronics.

  • FINETAC for Electronics

    DIC’s FINETAC series features solventless UV-curable adhesives for electrical applications, such as touchscreens, protective films and laminates.

  • Liquid Crystal for Electrical/Electronics

    DIC’s Liquid Crystal materials are photo-alignment agents which exhibit outstanding functionality and adhesion properties in glass and plastic coatings.

  • printed-circuit-boards

    Materials for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

    Along with its world-renowned ImageCure solder mask product line, Sun Chemical offers peelable solder mask, notation inks, etch resists, plating resists and other products for all stages of PCB fabrication.

  • solar-panels-photovoltaics

    SOLSYS for Advanced Photovoltaics (PV)

    SOLSYS photovoltaic solutions include etch and plating resists and dielectrics for advanced solar cell technologies, including p-type and n-type crystalline silicone cells as well as thin film solar cells.

  • SunHytek

    Complete ink and varnish product line for the high-tech, appliance and automotive screen printing market

  • SunSens for Biosensors

    Sun Chemical's biosensors solutions span from providing individual biosensor inks and stabilized enzymes to full solution sensor systems and support services.

  • Green-Blue-Printed-Circuits-Board

    SunTronic for Printed Electronics

    Sun Chemical develops advanced solutions to support a comprehensive range of applications in printed electronics.