Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • SunDigiProof

    Color-Accurate Inkjet Swatches Printed Onsite and On Demand – SunDigiProof:

    Converters often face repeated requests to create multiple color swatches to send to your brand owner customers for approval. We know that this manual process can be very time-consuming for you and, if there is no ink kitchen on site, can necessitate the requests being …

  • Optical disc printing


    Exceptional quality inks and consumables for optical disc printing including screen and offset

  • SunDot®

    Pressroom blankets designed to work with your conventional commercial sheetfed presses

  • SunDuo

    High-performance ink range for beer and beverage two-piece cans

  • SunECG

    SunECG: Solution for Customers Using Expanded Color Gamut Printing

    Sun Chemical has been working with Esko, the leading supplier of prepress software, to develop a seven-process-color industry standard for color management for printers and converters. The SunECG solution starts by taking you through an audit process first to ascertain the status of the presses and …

  • SunEvo™ Digital Coatings

    SunEvo™ digital coatings can help printers and converters of flexible packaging, labels, folding carton and corrugated, unleash the full power of digital printing.

  • SunFuse

    Comprehensive portfolio of functional adhesive coatings for applications ranging from chocolate bars to yogurt lids

  • SunGraphics Plates

    Graphic management solutions provider of narrow and wide web, tag and label, as well as corrugated packaging printing plates

  • SunHytek

    Complete ink and varnish product line for the high-tech, appliance and automotive screen printing market


    High-tech Digital Inks for Ceramic and Tile Industry

  • SunInspire™

    Complete range of specialty coatings including glitter, reticulating, sandy feel for packaging applications

  • SunJet

    SunJet works closely with printer OEMs and print head manufacturers to develop inks that work specifically with the latest inkjet printing technology.

  • SunChemical-UV-Printing-Inks-Commercial-JoulesAngstrom


    SunJoules UV offset inks for the commercial market combines the complementary portfolio of products from Joules Angstrom U.V. printing Inks with Sun Chemical's full range of global resources.

  • SunLam™

    Adhesives Packaging

  • SunLase

    These coatings are formulated to change from white to black when hit by a low-energy laser. No burning, ablation, or etching is involved — only a chemical reaction to the laser application

  • SunLit®

    Conventional ink system for commercial sheetfed applications