Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • Sun Chemical Approach Using ECG for Gravure Printing

    ECG Technology Can Transform Gravure Printing

    Sun Chemical’s SunECG solution starts by taking you through an audit process to ascertain the status of the presses and processes you have in place, and to ensure your process control is of sufficient quality to enable you to run expanded color gamut (ECG) printing successfully.

    For printers and …

  • ink-cans-stacked-in-a-graph

    Sun Chemical Dispenser Program-NWTL

    Decrease your operational cost and reduce your expenses with the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program for narrow web, tag and label printers.

  • Sun Chemical-Colombia

    Sun Chemical Colombia S.A.S.: El Mayor Productor de Tintas de la Comunidad Andina

    Sun Chemical, parte del grupo DIC, es el productor líder en el mundo de tintas de impresión, revestimientos y suministros, pigmentos, polímeros, compuestos líquidos y sólidos y materiales de aplicación. Sun Chemical Región Andina -100% subsidiaria de Sun Chemical- tiene presencia en …

  • SunAltec

    High-quality, high-performance ink products for monobloc aerosol cans and drink bottles, aluminum tubes and PE/PP tubes

  • SunBar®

    A full range of coatings to create barriers against moisture, oxygen, CO2, UV light, odor and migration

  • SunBeam

    Electron beam-curing conventional coatings system formulated to run on lithographic web presses for paper and board applications.

  • SunBeam EB Flexo

    Electron-beam inks and coatings formulated for food packaging applications on paper, board and film

  • SunBeam EB Offset

    Electron-beam inks and coatings formulated for food packaging applications on paper, board and film

  • SunCarte®

    Complete range of inks for all print processes used in the manufacture of laminated plastic cards

  • SunChromatic®

    Pressroom blankets designed to work with your sheetfed and web presses

  • SunCMYK

    SunCMYK: Service that Helps Printers and Converters Achieve ISO 12647 Standard for Process Colors

    SunCMYK is a Sun Chemical service developed to assist printers and converters achieve the ISO 12647 standard. Trained by the FOGRA, UGRA or G7 governing bodies to certify printers and converters to ISO 12647, our highly qualified professionals can evaluate the …

  • SunChemical-SunCoat-Screen-Coatings


    Full line of screen-making products and supplies for outdoor durable, vacuum-formed or vinyl film applications

  • SunCoat Web

    Publication coldset coatings for high-speed printing

  • SunColorBox

    SunColorBox: a Toolkit for Printers/Converters to Manage Brand Colors

    SunColorBox is a unique set of tools and services that enables consistent and accurate digital color communication throughout the entire packaging supply chain. These applications and services are aimed at supporting packaging printers and converters produce brand colors consistently, anywhere in the world, within a fully …

  • SunColorQC

    SunColorQC: Color Quality Control Software Platform

    Our SunColorQC software platform helps to move color approval from a subjective to an objective process by connecting a spectrophotometer to measure the quality of output on the press and validating it against your customized color library already held digitally on the Sun Chemical network.

    This color data will …

  • SunConnect-digital-color-management


    SunConnect is a simple, accurate and digital color communication tool that enables converters to request color matchings and communicate quality control data on press directly from a smartphone.