Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • SunGraphics Plates

    Graphic management solutions provider of narrow and wide web, tag and label, as well as corrugated packaging printing plates

  • SunHub Compact Dispenser – Europe

  • SunHytek

    Complete ink and varnish product line for the high-tech, appliance and automotive screen printing market


    High-tech Digital Inks for Ceramic and Tile Industry

  • SunInspire™

    Complete range of specialty coatings including glitter, reticulating, sandy feel for packaging applications

  • SunJet

    SunJet works closely with printer OEMs and print head manufacturers to develop inks that work specifically with the latest inkjet printing technology.

  • SunChemical-UV-Printing-Inks-Commercial-JoulesAngstrom


    SunJoules UV offset inks for the commercial market combines the complementary portfolio of products from Joules Angstrom U.V. printing Inks with Sun Chemical's full range of global resources.

  • SunLam™

    Adhesives Packaging

  • chocolate-candy-bars

    SunLam™ Adhesives for Lamination of Plastic Film, Foil and Paper

    The SunLam family of solvent-free and solvent-based lamination adhesives are designed to meet the needs of all the major flexible packaging applications.

  • SunLase

    These coatings are formulated to change from white to black when hit by a low-energy laser. No burning, ablation, or etching is involved — only a chemical reaction to the laser application

  • barcode on package


    Our laser marking coatings are specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of packaging, offering a simple solution for variable code marking.

  • SunLit®

    Conventional ink system for commercial sheetfed applications

  • SunMag®

    Publication ink series for magazine printing across a range of press equipment

  • SunMatch

    SunMatch: Color-Matching and -Validating Software Platform

    Sun Chemical’s web-enabled, color-matching platform, SunMatch, provides converters with an objective and consistently accurate ink formulation capability. SunMatch gives access to a best-in-class, color-matching software, which is hosted on the Sun Chemical network, so you don’t need to invest in the full suite.

    Depending on your individual production specification, …

  • SunNews®

    Publication ink series for newsprint and uncoated groundwood papers

  • SunOne®

    Publication ink system for magazine and newspaper printing