Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • SunMag®

    Publication ink series for magazine printing across a range of press equipment

  • SunMatch

    SunMatch: Color-Matching and -Validating Software Platform

    Sun Chemical’s web-enabled, color-matching platform, SunMatch, provides converters with an objective and consistently accurate ink formulation capability. SunMatch gives access to a best-in-class, color-matching software, which is hosted on the Sun Chemical network, so you don’t need to invest in the full suite.

    Depending on your individual production specification, …

  • SunNews®

    Publication ink series for newsprint and uncoated groundwood papers

  • SunOne®

    Publication ink system for magazine and newspaper printing

  • SunPak

  • SunPak®

    Versatile and productive conventional offset printing ink range designed for printing on carton board or paper

  • SunPolar

    Publication coldset ink system for newspaper printing across a variety of press types (EU only)

  • SunPoly®

    Comprehensive range of screen printing inks formulated for plastic container applications

  • SunPromo®

    Full range of solvent-based and UV-curing screen inks for vibrant display and point-of-purchase applications

  • SunScent™

    Complete range of standard scents and custom scents for a variety of packaging applications

  • SunScreen-real-time-coating-monitoring


    SunScreen’s integrated design can be easily installed on various press configurations, allowing the operator to monitor in real time whether the coating has been applied appropriately.

  • SunSpec

    Complete range of specialty coatings including low odor, food contact and anti-mist for a variety of food packaging applications

  • bread-bag


    Specially formulated for high-speed surface and reverse printing, SunSpectro inks are your solution for boosting productivity without compromising on quality.

  • SunSpectro®

    Solvent or water-based inks for surface printing flexible packaging on a wide variety of films including PE, PP and PET

  • SunStrato®

    Solvent-based or water-based inks designed for laminated packaging applications

  • potato-chips-bag


    Elevate your laminated packaging projects to new heights with our high-performance SunStrato® ink series for laminated packaging structures.