Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • SunSys

    Full range of coatings resistant to moisture, oil and grease, heat, friction and industrial chemicals

  • SunTec®

    Lithographic ink family for applications ranging from maps and indoor/outdoor displays to menus and instruction manuals

  • SunTrio

    High-performance ink range for three-piece metal packaging applications

  • SunUltra®

    Publication heatset ink system for magazine cover printing

  • SunUno

    High-strength solvent-based colors specifically formulated for both surface and reverse print adhesive lamination applications across an extensive range of flexible packaging substrates

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    Sun Chemical's global family of SunUno® inks optimize press operations by providing high bond strengths with solvent-based and solvent-free lamination technologies.

  • SunChemical-Inks-Coatings-Glass-Decorating-Bottles


    UV curing and solvent screen printing inks and primers for both flat and container glass and ceramic applications

  • SunVisto®

    Water-based inks for printing on kraft, bleached, white-top, clay-coated and various coated substrates

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    SunVisto® Water-based Inks for Folding Carton/Paper

    Sun Chemical's SunVisto ink series are your go-to solution for a wide array of substrates, from kraft and bleached, to white-top or clay-coated materials.

  • SunWave

    UV LED curing sheetfed offset inks for commercial printing suitable for use on all sheetfed press types.

  • Sustainability Resources

    Sun Chemical offers a comprehensive library of reports, newsletters and white papers for you to download. Explore our various sustainability resources below.…

  • Sustainable Growth with the “5Rs”

    How to Grow Your Packaging Production Sustainably: The Advantages for You and Your Customers


    Good for Business, Good for the Planet

    As sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue for the planet’s inhabitants, individuals and businesses alike are taking more and more steps to reduce their carbon footprints, as well as striving to contribute to …

  • Sustainable Growth with the “5Rs” Thank You

    Thank you for your interest in our guide “Sustainable Growth: How to Grow Your Packaging Production Sustainably.” …

  • Technical Library from US Ink

    Technical documents from US Ink.

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    Technical Library from US Ink

    Explore our library of technical guides to help with your newspaper coldset printing questions.

  • Thank You

    Thank You for Your Interest in Our Glass Decorating White Paper…