Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • Sustainability Products

    Sustainability is Critical to Product Development

    Sun Chemical’s structured and robust approach to product development includes risk management and eco-efficiency improvements as key criteria, a key focus that has driven increased sustainability through innovation in its products and solutions.

    Built with an infrastructure for product stewardship that leads the industry, we proactively work with suppliers, …

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    Sun Strategy

    Sun Strategy is a multi-disciplined packaging consultancy working with global brands and retailers to deliver innovative, sustainable and measurable solutions.

    Sun Strategy draws upon its expertise in four key areas:

    • Consumer
    • Sustainability
    • Efficiency
    • Compliance

    This focus allows Sun Strategy to provide a unique service offering tailored to brand and retailer goals, including  innovative and responsible …

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Sun Chemical Monitors Regulatory Changes Globally and Helps Brands Comply with the Latest Updates

    Serious environmental issues are resulting in an increasing focus on sustainability in recent years. From contributions to overall global waste and pollution and natural resources being depleted at rates faster than they can be replaced, to the damaged ozone layer and …