Water-Based Inks for Paper or Board Flexo Printing

Designed for paper and paperboard printing, Sun Chemical’s SunVisto ink series offers a wide range of water-based inks for printing on kraft, bleached, white-top, clay-coated and a variety of other coated and uncoated substrates.

Some common benefits of SunVisto inks include:

  • longer press runs with minimal adjustments without press side maintenance
  • easy cleanup and resolubility
  • water, scuff and rub resistance

SunVisto Inks for Folding Carton/Paper


SunVisto® AquaGreen

Sun Chemical’s SunVisto® AquaGreen water-based inks are formulated with significantly higher levels of bio-renewable resin content compared to other previous market offerings from Sun Chemical.

Designed with patented technology based on naturally derived and biorenewable materials, SunVisto AquaGreen inks deliver the required critical performance attributes needed across a range of paper packaging applications.

AquaGreen inks can utilize current colorants to enable ease of implementation, and do not compromise end-use or on-press performance or cost in use. They also offer outstanding print fidelity and ink resolubility on press, quick setting for in-line converting, and high levels of resistance properties to rub, abrasion, water and grease.

SunVisto AquaGreen is a key product in Sun Chemical’s sustainable solutions portfolio and an important product highlighted in our Guide to Sustainable Packaging which shows how we’re aligning our sustainability goals with those of the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and supporting and contributing to a circular economy.

To learn more about SunVisto AquaGreen, watch the video in the resources below or download our white paper Going Beyond Environmental Claims.


SunVisto Aquasafe

Compatible with the European directive to eliminate single-use plastic by 2025, SunVisto Aquasafe is suitable for direct food contact and particularly for use on paper-based straws that can be recycled and have a much higher biodegradation capacity than conventional plastic straws.

By developing an ink which can be used on paper straws, we’re supporting the efforts promoted in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation report on “The New Plastics Economy,” which estimates that by 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans (by weight).


SunVisto Inks for the Corrugated Market


SunVisto Advantage

The SunVisto® Advantage® line of water-based inks are specifically developed to be pH stable for corrugated printers who want a consistent press run without monitoring or adjusting pH levels. They offer consistent color strength and reduced plate washing during a press run.

The stability and reliability in performance of these inks allow press operators and assistants—at a time when skilled personnel are dwindling—to focus on running the job rather than managing inks to maintain performance, resulting in improved productivity and quality.

To meet the wide range of converter needs, the SunVisto Advantage product line features fast drying for high holdout liners, three strengths of market standard GCMI colors, and a range of products for special matches covering general purpose, high rub, high coverage and stock hide.


SunVisto Hydroking PHS

Meant to provide quality and value for corrugated printing, SunVisto® Hydroking PHS water-based inks are PH stable with excellent coverage and mileage. Formulated to match GCMI X color standards, the low-VOC inks meet the requirements of the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) and provide consistent viscosity with excellent press stability.


SunVisto Aquapak

Specially developed for printing on corrugated board, SunVisto Aquapak inks can be pre- or post-printed on a variety of substrates using the bionrenewable raw materials originally used for SunVisto AquaGreen.



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