Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • Edible Inks for Direct Food Printing

    Sun Chemical has optimized a range of edible inks for direct food printing which offer outstanding print performance across a range of printing systems. Focusing on color and print quality over a range of substrates means our range of edible inks are versatile and reliable in all production environments. All colorants used in the production of Sun Chemical edible inks are carefully selected to be safe and compliant for use in food printing.

  • Electron-Beam Curing Inks and Coatings Technologies

    Sustainable Alternative for Flexible Packaging

    In addition to meeting changing job requirements on a wide variety of plastic film- and paper-based substrates, Sun Chemical’s class leading (EB)-curing inks and coatings offer a host of environmental benefits to help converters and brand owners meet their sustainability targets. These include using no VOCs, enabling light-weighting through the …

  • flexible-circuit-electronic-materials

    Electronic Materials

    A range of products for printed circuit boards (PCB) manufacturing, printed electronics, biosensors and enzymes, and advanced solar applications.

  • Elevated Temperature Packaging

    Sun Chemical Offers Migration Compliant Solutions for Elevated Temperature Packaging

    A key packaging design trend emerging in recent years has been the increase in convenience packaging, such as “ready meals” that are microwaved, oven cooked or “boiled in the bag,” in their original store packaging, retail and home use of “cook-in-the-tray” bakery items, etc. There …

  • Energy Curable

    Download Our Energy Curable Inks White Paper

    Power up the performance and protection of your packaging with UV, EB, flexo, and LED inks from Sun Chemical. Our broad portfolio keeps brand owners happier and consumers safer— no matter your printing process. So, when you need to meet the strictest standards, choose a partner who is …

  • European Food Packaging Legislation

    Sun Chemical Resources about Food Packaging Legislation in Europe

    As a leader in regulatory and compliance issues, Sun Chemical works closely with customers to help them comply with the strict food packaging standards required by brand owners and regulations. We provide ink and coating solutions that are migration compliant and can ensure you’re abiding by …

  • FC Transform

    Transform Your Folding Carton Packaging by Thinking Outside— and Inside—the Box

    At Sun Chemical, we have developed a refreshing way to fold more sustainability into your folding cartons. With the most eco-friendly solutions available, we can help you create the total package—even without plastic. Our unique and innovative technology not only allows you to print …

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  • flexpackaging transform

    The Transformation to Sustainable Flexible Packaging

    Sun Chemical has taken proactive leadership in research and development to bring solutions to the flexible packaging market that achieve both the printing quality and requirements of converters and the sustainability goals the industry is aspiring to achieve. Some examples include:

    • Efficiency improvements
    • Waste reduction
    • Safety and integrity of

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  • Functional Barrier Solutions

    Sun Chemical's functional barrier solutions enable a smooth transition into a mono-material flexible packaging without any compromise.

  • Glass Decorating

    Decorate your customers’ glass and ceramic containers with bright, vibrant effects that really liven up the shelf. With Sun Chemical, you get a complete line of UV, LED and thermally cured organic inks, coatings and sprays — all from a single source.

    That includes everything from metallics to foil adhesives, which are backed by our …

  • Hardware and Software

    Hardware and Software: The SunColorBox Procurement Service

    By deploying SunColorBox, Sun Chemical can establish how your current workflow operates and then propose a digital color management solution that meets your individual needs. As the solution proposed is likely to comprise a variety of hardware and software from multiple vendors, we offer a value-added procurement service …

  • Ink Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Challenges on Press

    The printing process can be complex and problems can sometimes arise. As a leading provider of inks, coatings and other pressroom supplies, Sun Chemical brings over 200 years of experience in the industry. Our expert technical team has assembled a list of common printing challenges you could be experiencing and the …

  • Inks and Coatings Designed for Low Migration Packaging

    Sun Chemical is a market leader in the development and promotion of inks and coatings designed for low migration sensitive packaging applications such as food, pharmaceutical, personal care and tobacco.

    What is Low Migration?

    The term “low migration” packaging is commonly used to designate materials used in the packaging structure whose chemicals will not migrate, …

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