Packaging + Graphic Solutions

Packaging + Graphic Solutions

  • SolarClear

    Functional and specialty coatings to meet the needs of the narrow web market

  • SolarFlex

    SolarFlex inks for UV flexo printing on a variety of substrates on paper, board and film

  • SolarScreen

    SolarScreen opaque whites and colors give optimum press performance as well as highest opacity and color intensity

  • SolarVerse

    A versatile ink concentrate and technology varnish system formulated for UV flexo.

  • SolarWave

    Class leading range of UV LED curing flexo inks enable environmental improvements within industrial processes, resulting in lower energy consumption.

  • pharmaceutical-printed-labels-on-vials

    Specialty UV Inks for Digital Printing

    Optimized for printing on non-porous substrates, UV-curable digital inks are ideal for high-speed printing in demanding industrial applications. Revolutionize your production processes with Sun Chemical’s UV-curable inks for digital printing, and achieve excellent adhesion and durability, while also consistently delivering high-quality precision printing.

  • Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP)

    Specification for Newsprint Advertising Production

  • Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production (SNAP)

  • Streamline®

    The Streamline range of inkjet inks are designed for a wide variety of wide- and super-wide format printers including Vutek, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Seiko and more.

  • Streamline® MBS

    Eco-Solvent Inkjet Inks Compatible for Mimaki BS Series Digital Printers

    Streamline MBS is an eco-solvent inkjet ink series formulated to match the color, performance and quality of Mimaki BS3 inks, used with Mimaki BS series eco-solvent machines. Streamline MBS is fully intermixable with BS3 inks, enabling the printer to utilize the existing original color profiles. …

  • Sun Chemical Approach Using ECG for Gravure Printing

    ECG Technology Can Transform Gravure Printing

    Sun Chemical’s SunECG solution starts by taking you through an audit process to ascertain the status of the presses and processes you have in place, and to ensure your process control is of sufficient quality to enable you to run expanded color gamut (ECG) printing successfully.

    For printers and …

  • Sun Chemical-Colombia

    Sun Chemical Colombia S.A.S.: El Mayor Productor de Tintas de la Comunidad Andina

    Sun Chemical, parte del grupo DIC, es el productor líder en el mundo de tintas de impresión, revestimientos y suministros, pigmentos, polímeros, compuestos líquidos y sólidos y materiales de aplicación. Sun Chemical Región Andina -100% subsidiaria de Sun Chemical- tiene presencia en …

  • SunAltec

    High-quality, high-performance ink products for monobloc aerosol cans and drink bottles, aluminum tubes and PE/PP tubes

  • SunBar®

    A full range of coatings to create barriers against moisture, oxygen, CO2, UV light, odor and migration

  • SunBeam

    Electron beam-curing conventional coatings system formulated to run on lithographic web presses for paper and board applications.

  • SunBeam EB Flexo

    Electron-beam inks and coatings formulated for food packaging applications on paper, board and film